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How It Works


There are 3 stages

1st Stage

  • Snap a few pictures of your Space. From both left and right of the Space
  • Complete our simple style Finder questionnaire; it’ll tell us all about your decorating goals, your preferences and what inspires you. We will gather your thoughts and preferences through this Style Finder Questionnaire and if required our designers  may connect with you over a call or a video chat.
    (Send pictures for reference)
  • In 2-3 days we present you with rough sketches to further understand your style. Once you agree on the direction, we move to render the design of your space. With the approval of a design a basic amount is paid by the client as a design consultation fee at this stage. (This amount will be adjusted in the project Design cost.) We then take all of your thoughts and ideas and combine them with our design savvy to create a custom decorating plan for you.
Digital Design Board
Digital Design Board

2nd Stage
Once you approve the option we go to next stage of the project. We proceed to render 2D realistic drawings with plant and décor options. We provide you with (Digital Design Board) a detailed plan of the space from scratch which includes everything you need to know to create your space yourself. The floor plan, furniture, plants and trees, decorative accessories, artwork, lighting… Your decorating plan covers every aspect of your space. We provide you with a detailed shopping list with cost.Your e-Design digital concept board(s) will include:

  • Inspiration Boards with furnishings, materials and décor selections
  • Pots planters and plants selections
  • Product List and costing
  • Design Notes and suggestions for pulling it all together
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Concept package priced per balcony/space

3rd Stage

We also take it as a turnkey project where we work on the design. (Area Served Maharashtra) Once you approve of the concept, we can work out the exact details on implementation.We will also give you an idea of how much time it would take to execute the project. If you wish us to execute the plan,  then an advance of 50% of the price estimate will be paid at this stage.We will co-ordinate with the vendors and deliver and install all the products. Installation & supervision fee will be charged as per actuals.(The exact bill will be given at this time and the remaining payment shall be made.)

We look forward to working on the project.

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Design Questionnaire

Style finder questionnaire

We’re listening. Our exclusive style finder questionnaire lets you do the talking. It tells us what you love and don’t love about your space. It tells us about what you want your space to look and feel like.

One of our professional decorators will then get to work, finding the best way to make your home decorating dreams come true, all within your decorating budget (if specified).

How long does it take?

Your part takes 10-15 minutes; all you need to do is fill out the style Finder. Once we receive your style finder and payment we’ll have your e-Balcony/Green Space Designing plan complete in just 10-14 days.

How do I get started?

Getting to know you and your property is an important step in the balcony/green space design process.

The questions below are meant to provoke thought regarding the use and ultimate vision you have for your property. The information you provide will help define your goals and help us create a custom design well-suited to you and your property.


Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.  Doing so will greatly assist us in helping you create a design specifically tailored to your individual tastes and preferences, while also ensuring that you receive the greatest value from your consultation.

If a question does not apply or you have no opinion, you may leave it blank.

  1. What are your primary goals? (Create privacy, replace a patio, Decrease sunlight, increase seasonal colour/ interest, complete makeover etc.) Do you have specific tasks in mind or simply looking for a space to unwind?
  2. What areas of your balcony/space would you like to modify or improve?
  3. Are there any existing features you would like to work around or incorporate into the new design? You may want to highlight furniture, hide an old structure or piping, or re-use existing plant material.
  4. Are there any problem areas on your balcony/space (poor drainage, privacy issues, overgrown plants, ugly A/C units etc.) that need to be addressed,
  5. Are there any known obstacles (society law, utility pipe lines, etc.) or specific challenges (destructive pests)?
  6. Do you have a budget for your project? If you’re not sure, we can provide you with a realistic budget range once we understand your needs and goals.
  7. When are you hoping to start your project? Do you have a specific date the project needs to be completed by?
  8. Do you anticipate completing your project at once or in phases over time?
  9. Will you be installing the green space by yourself, need some assistance, or looking to have professionals complete your project?
  10. Do you like spending time gardening or would prefer to have a green scape as low maintenance as possible? Or would you require help maintaining your greenscape?
  11. What design style do you tend to prefer? Formal (clean, symmetrical, rectilinear forms) or informal (curvilinear, flowing, natural forms)? Or perhaps a blend of the two?
  12. What kind of garden themes are you interested in? Please check your top three from the following list:
    • Native Plant Garden
    • Japanese Garden
    • Tropical Garden
    • Low Maintenance / Xeriscaping
    • Monochromatic (i.e. a yellow Garden)
    • Rock Garden
    • Bird Garden
    • Water Garden
    • Evergreen Garden
    • Sustainable Gardening
    • Edible Gardens
    • Other
  13. Do you have any other notes or comments you would like to add?

Please attach some pictures of your space with the message.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! Having this information will help us deliver your dream garden. We truly look forward to working with you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]